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Can Bed Bugs Be Controlled With 'Green' Products?
Do natural, essential oil-based sprays provide control of bed bugs? It's complicated! Pesticide sprays (chemical or 'green') may assist with control, but only when part of a larger IPM program. And only when they are proven to be effective through valid testing. Read this blog post to learn what research tells us about natural pesticides and bed bug management.
Hoarding, Housing, and Pests: A New Approach
On August 4th, StopPests in Housing hosted a webinar about a new approach to address hoarding in multifamily housing, and its impact on pest control. To view the recording of this webinar visit

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Lowering Costs with an In-House Bed Bug Management Plan (VTech Bed Bug Webinar)

Learn about what works for bed bug management in multifamily housing.

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