Hiring a Pest Management Firm

AN IPM Contract

To ensure integrated pest management (IPM) services, issue a comprehensive request for proposals (see our Sample RFP and bed bug specific RFP from Bed Bug Central). Applicants who are not proposing IPM programs (but are the lowest bidders) can be rejected. 

Three programs that credential pest management firms on professionalism and IPM service are

Make Sure Bids Demonstrate IPM

Make sure procurement staff understand IPM. Don't be distracted by the term "green." At a minimum, an IPM program must involve:

  1. Inspection and monitoring in every unit at least once a year.
  2. Identification of pests before treating, to target control.
  3. Establishment of threshold levels. The time spent in a unit and any management methods should be relative to the level of infestation.
  4. Employment of two or more control measures (which may be cultural, mechanical, biological, or chemical). Relying on pesticides is never IPM.
  5. Evaluation of effectiveness. The pest management professional should keep unit-specific records for every inspection and service so that the IPM program can be tracked, evaluated for effectiveness, and changed, if needed.