When bed bugs go up/in walls, how do we treat?

In medium and heavy infestations, bed bugs will cluster anywhere they feel safe—wedged in a crevice. This is often behind switch plates, baseboards, or crown molding near a bed or sofa. Bed bugs are also attracted to heat, so it’s common to find clusters up high near heat ducts. From these hiding spots, they can easily get into wall voids. Include wall voids in your treatment plans.

Consult your Pest Management Professional (PMP) for your pesticide options because product labeling varies by state.

  • On the walls and baseboards, you can remove groups of bed bugs that you can see with a vacuum cleaner, but this will not remove the eggs. If there are not electrical components around, scrub the area with a damp rag or use a steamer. If you didn't use the pantyhose method of vacuuming described at the StopPests Blog, throw away the vacuum bag/canister contents and rag in a sealed bag in an outdoor trash can or dumpster.
  • In wall voids, the PMP will usually use dust formulations.