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November 29, 2022
No More Prep! A Progressive Approach to Bed Bug Preparation - Up-coming Webinar
StopPests in Housing is offering a free webinar on December 6th! Tired of making your residents prepare for bed bug treatment? Tired of all the chaos and arguing associated with prep work? While In many cases prep like this is not necessary! prep may be necessary in a small percentage...

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New resources!

IPM guides for property managers on cockroaches and bed bugs (HERE) and picture-based guides for residents on cockroaches, rodents, and bed bugs (HERE).

Looking for training on rodents?

Find resources and recorded rodent webinars HERE, including Developing a Pest Exclusion Program for Cockroaches and Rodents and Tools for Eliminating Mice from Multifamily Housing. Find more training opportunities HERE.

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