How do I prevent and manage pests in a trash chute?

Trash chute recommendations:

1. Clean quarterly. Is the trash bin compactor exhibiting any pest issues and/or mechanical deficiencies that may promote Gelatinous, Organic, Odiferous (GOO) evidence? Inspect and treat if necessary the trash room walls, electrical systems, expansion joints, sanitation areas, cardboard boxes and even mop sinks in the immediate areas. Check the outside of the trash room in adjacent hallways, delivery dock, storage areas etc.

2. Make sure there's not an updraft when and if you treat the cylindrical/square vertical chute, otherwise you will get a "blow-back" on your face (unless you're using an insecticidal gel bait). DO NOT USE DUST FORMULATIONS.

3. Usually German cockroaches (and rarely other insects i.e. ants, spiders, and occasional invaders) are found along the chute drop access panel especially in the rubber seals and hinges. This is very common in multi complex units i.e. tower design apartments, nursing homes etc. Make sure to inspect these seals and hinges frequently.

*Answer provided by: Val Adricula, IPMPCOvra, with ValTech1 and VA Zablocki Medical Center, Milwaukee, WI