What should pest control in trash compactor rooms look like?

The compactor room is pest heaven.

  • Prevent pest entry (or escape into nearby units): make sure holes drilled for pipes or wires are sealed up and install a door sweep along the bottom of all doors.
  • Keep food (and odor) to a minimum: Enforce the rule that residents bag and tie their trash bags before sending them down the chute. Don’t let compacted, bagged garbage sit in the room or on the curb overnight. Clean the insides of the chute weekly (do as much as you can through the access doors to the chute off the hallways and at the bottom in the compactor room). Sweep up debris daily. Clean the chute and compactor room floor drains with an enzyme cleaner—don’t just cover up the problem with a fragrant spray.
  • If you are renovating a trash chute, involve a Pest Management Professional (PMP) before tearing apart the chute. Prevent pests from running into adjacent units by controlling them before disrupting the area.
  • For renovation and new construction, install trash chute doors that will fit a full trash bag.
  • Monitor with sticky traps and glue boards at all times and check daily. If a pest is caught, ask the PMP to inspect.