Relevant Links for Tribal Pest Management

General Topics

National Pesticide Information Center (state resources, WPS Comment link, repellent search)

Circuit Riders: Guidance for Funding Development and Administration of Tribal Pesticide Field Program and Enforcement Cooperative Agreements

Possible contacts to assess the risk of pesticide load on tobacco leaves being (potentially) composted

New York State IPM Program’s Golf Course Resources

Federal Certification to Apply Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs) in Indian Country (Speaker: Mary Powell)

Tribal Healthy Homes Program

Pest Prevention by Design Guidelines

UMass Extension (Speaker: Natalia Clifton)

USDA APHIS (Speakers: Kate Aitkenhead & David Hersch)

EPA Regional Offices (Rob Koethe & Tara Glynn)

Tribal Pesticide Program Council (TPPC)

Indoor Air Quality (Speaker: Eugene Benoit)


Regional Applied Research Effort Program (Speaker: Robert Hillger)

Northeastern IPM Center Funding Opportunities

BIA Eastern (Speaker: Kewahkah Bluecloud)

School IPM

EPA School IPM Program

Northeastern IPM Center School IPM Working Group

Maine School IPM Website

State School Environmental Health Guidelines (Speaker: Jessica Hing)

School Siting Guidelines (Speaker: Jessica Hing)

Adult Education

Book: Program Planning for Adult Learners

  • Acknowledge experience
  • Build new information on past knowledge & experience
  • Use relevant content—if they can’t use it in the next week, it won’t sink in
  • Involve in the learning process—a mix of independent and collaborative exercises that are both physically and psychologically comfortable
  • Proceed from most important to least important content topics
  • Teach less difficult to most difficult within each topic

Waste Management

Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Waste Management Website

TED Talk “What I Discovered in NYC Trash”


Recorded Webinars

Emerald Ash Borer

Asian Longhorned Beetle


EPA Mold Remediation (Speaker: Eugene Benoit)

Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD)

Northeastern IPM Center Spotted Wing Drosophila Work Group


How to clean up after rodents

Wildlife (including bats)

Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management

Chronic Wasting Disease

Vector Management (Ticks & Mosquito programs)




Rhode Island (mostly links to CDC)

New York (just contacts)


Tick App

CT Tick Handbook

Federal White Paper on Tick-borne Disease IPM

Richard Pollack (Harvard School of Public Health) on Ticks & Mosquitoes


Guidelines for Mosquito Risk Assessment and Management in Constructed Wetlands (Thank you @Mozziebites!!)

CO2 Traps—“Mosquito Magnet”

Bed Bugs

CT Ag Experiment Station (Speaker: Gale Ridge)

EPA Bed Bug Clearinghouse

Feral Cats

IPM Tactics for Managing Feral Cats

Noxious Weed Control

Invasive Plant Atlas of New England

Vegetation Control Service, Inc. (Speaker: Jeff Taylor)