The Training Day

Before Training, Initiate an integrated pest management (IPM) Program

Join the growing group of affordable housing providers who have committed to working with the StopPests in Housing Program. A StopPests consultant will walk you through our step-by-step process to gear up for and hold a successful training for staff and stakeholders at a pilot site. Our process was designed with input from an objective group of experts.

The Training Day

IPM in Multifamily Housing Training Objectives

Once the foundation is in place for a successful IPM program, a StopPests consultant the site and runs an IPM in Multifamily Housing Training. By the end of the day, trainees will know:

  • Their specific roles in supporting the least toxic and most effective measures for pest control in their communities;
  • How to manage pests within a housing community using strategies that pose no risk or minimum risk of pesticide exposure to vulnerable, sensitive, and disabled populations including infants and children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with chemical sensitivities;
  • The major health risks posed by common pests, including the connection between asthma and cockroach and mouse allergens;
  • The biology, behavior, and at least two least-toxic control measures for each of the pests covered in the training; and
  • Whom to contact and what to do if there is a problem with or related to pest control.

View the The IPM in Multifamily Housing Training Agenda and Materials

After the Training Day

  • Following the StopPests Process, our consultant supports implementation efforts with over-the-phone consultation.
  • Our evaluation specialist will help collect data and share success stories as time and funding allow.