Overview of Mattress Encasement Costs and Quality Factors

StopPests Note: mattress encasements CANNOT prevent an infestation but can prevent a mattress or box spring from becoming infested or save a mattress from being thrown out.

Disclaimer: The Minnesota Department of Agriculture conducted an Internet search of mattress encasements that provided evidence of laboratory certification and testing by an entomologist for the prevention against bed bugs. In addition, mattress encasements that provided protection against dust mites and allergens were included. Any mention of company names, bed sizes, or price ranges does not imply an endorsement by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. This data was compiled for informational purposes only. Prices can change at any time, so make sure you investigate prices on your own before purchasing.

Mattress and box spring encasements are one tool for preventing the spread and harborage of bed bugs. Quality construction of the encasement and its tested effectiveness in preventing bed bugs to enter, escape and bite through the fabric is very important in selecting an encasement, along with cost. Mattress encasement prices varied by mattress thickness and size, but only 9-inch mattress thickness were considered. Although cheaper, vinyl mattress encasements were not considered because they can tear easily and do not provide quality sleeping comfort (based on consumer reviews). A torn mattress encasement has no value in bed bug prevention.

Overall, average and median price ranges were determined from nineteen mattress styles for twin, full, queen, king and California king mattresses sizes from nine companies. Table 1 shows mattress and box spring encasement price ranges for overall, average and median from twin to California king mattress sizes.

Table 1. Price1 ranges of mattress and box spring mattress encasements providing protection against bed bugs.

Encasement Type

Overall Price Range

Average Price Range

Median Price Range

Mattress Encasement

$24.99 – $159.99

$57.27 – $94.03

$49.99 – $89.99

Box Spring Encasement

$24.99 – $109.99

$38.88 – $68.35

$37.95 – $68.37

1 Non-sale prices were used in the price compilation and reflect prices from November of 2012 from the listed companies in this overview.

Mattress and box spring encasement prices were collected from the companies listed below.

Data compiled November 2012
Kevin Cavanaugh
Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture