Boston Housing Authority

Boston Housing Authority (BHA) houses 10% of the residents in Boston, MA. With 14,000 units, BHA has always had to manage pests. Although the kinds of pests haven’t changed much, the methods for controlling them have. BHA is now using IPM, and residents and employees report that it works. Although it’s just one of many housing authorities committed to using IPM, we highlight BHA’s program because they have done a wonderful job at sharing their story. To learn what BHA has done:

  1. Look through presentations on the IPM program components:
    1. PHA: Gail Livingston describes the history of BHA’s pest control programs leading up to IPM and the strategic partnerships that got IPM started.
    2. Funding and strategic partnerships: Emily Litonjua and Margaret Reid describe the reason for and details of the Healthy Pest Free Housing Initiative.
    3. IPM contractor: Watch All, the BHA pest management firm, describe their role in IPM.
    4. Resident education: Nancy Figueroa, a tenant coordinator, describes her role as a peer educator.
  2. Explore the Healthy Pest Free Housing Initiative website. There, you’ll find resident education materials (in multiple languages), model contract and policy language, guidebooks for maintenance and managers, and much more.

Want to know more about IPM at BHA? Contact John Kane (Planner).