Eliminate Cockroaches from Affordable Housing with Assessment-Based Pest Management

Watch Virginia Tech’s pest management expert, Dr. Dini Miller, discuss how assessment-based pest management works and how housing professionals can use this information to improve pest control in their buildings and developments. Dr. Miller has dedicated the greater part of her career in studying and promoting effective pest management practices. She’ll share what her years of research, and field studies in public housing have revealed and why she’s certain with effort and the right tools we can eliminate most cockroach infestations, even chronic infestations in homes with sanitation issues. Housing and pest management professionals will benefit from viewing this presentation and the Q&A session with Dr. Miller.


PDF of Slides

Dr. Miller's Model Assessment-based Contract for German Cockroaches

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StopPests in Housing is a program of Cornell University’s Northeastern IPM Center. We receive funding from HUD’s Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes to provide free pest management training and technical assistance to HUD-assisted properties.