No More Prep! A Progressive Approach to Bed Bug Preparation

Tired of making your residents prepare for bed bug treatment? Tired of all the chaos and arguing associated with prep work? While prep may be necessary in a small percentage of problematic units, prep should not be required to eliminate bed bugs in 90-95% of infestations. This seminar will present a progressive way to treat for bed bugs that does not include preparation in most apartments. View the presentation with Jeffrey White CEO/Owner of White Mantis Consultants below. You’ll never think about bed bug treatments the same again!

Recording of the December 6th webinar

PDF of presentation

Helpful resources:

Policy and Lease Language

Start your IPM program off by looking through your policy and lease for pest control clauses. Adopt any changes so that you have language to fall back on to motivate staff and resident cooperation.

Resident’s guide: Stop Bed Bugs!  Spanish: Detenga las Chinches!

IPM for Bed Bugs: A Guide for Property Managers