Tools For Eliminating Mice From Multifamily Housing

All too often, mouse infestations in multifamily housing complexes persist for many years with histories of sporadic outbreaks followed by temporary quick fixes using glue boards, snap traps and baiting efforts. Unfortunately, these “traditional” efforts tend to merely address a monthly complaint list given to a hired exterminator. Rarely will such efforts address the harder-to-reach breeding sources of the building’s and the apartment’s population of mice. As a result, the surviving population members replace the individual mice harvested out from the complaint-driven pest control service. A more comprehensive program is needed, especially because mice in apartment buildings are important health pests carrying diseases and triggering asthma attacks.

During this on-line training, noted rodentologist, Dr. Bobby Corrigan, will address accessing and monitoring for the sources of mice within both the building and apartments. He’ll emphasize the importance of the structure and the apartments being correctly mouse-proofed, as well as the effective use of traps and baits when mice need to be eliminated. Pest management professionals, cooperative extension educators, and all who work in housing including maintenance staff, property managers and owners, resident services, and procurement officers are all encouraged to register. Take advantage of the opportunity to hear from award-winning and renowned rodentologist, Dr. Corrigan who brings decades of field experience and data to improve pest management in homes, industry, communities, and infrastructure and the health of those that work, live, and play there.

Recording may also be viewed on YouTube: Tools for Eliminating Mice from Multifamily Housing

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