An IPM Team

What is an IPM Team?

The integrated pest management (IPM) team is everyone who lives and works on the property. In some cases, the team includes nonprofits or home health aides who work with residents. Team members bolster the efforts of the pest management professional.  Everyone must learn about

  • pests;
  • how to inspect for pests; and
  • what to do if a pest is found.

We recommend you train your team using the IPM in Multifamily Housing Training.

Involving External Organizations

Everyone can come together on the issue of pest control. Outside agencies may have time and resources appropriate (and free) for a public housing audience. Meet with representatives from the following groups and agree on common goals relating to resident health and preventing the spread of pests in the community. Introduce them to IPM and invite them to IPM training events at the housing authority by using this template letter.

A OneTouch Reference Sheet can help you keep track of the contact information for local support agencies.

Organizations to involve