Good communication among team members is a key component of successful IPM program. An IPM log is usually a binder with the following sections:

  1. Service schedule
  2. Service log (containing the Routine Service Forms and Unit Service Tickets)
  3. Applicator licenses
  4. Proof of insurance and business registration
  5. Contract/service agreement
  6. Potential notifications/preparation instructions
  7. Product labels (or links to labels) and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all pesticides
  8. Educational materials for staff and residents
  9. Focus Unit Tracking Log for the IPM team to tie together everyone's actions in each focus unit. Or Focus Unit Tracking log in Excel

As long as everyone can see and contribute to the log and someone is making sure identified problems are followed up on, it will be effective. Some properties use an electronic format, incorporating the work order system and/or service reports from the pest control company. Others report on paper to property managers, who integrate all inputs into a central document.