Residents' Briefing Video

The Tenant’s Role in Integrated Pest Management (English)

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 17 minutes

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El Rol del Inquilino en el Manejo Integrado de Plagas (Español)

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Residents who haven’t been introduced to IPM.


Take 30 minutes to teach residents about IPM using the video and highlight parts of the residential lease that pertain to pest control.


  • At move-in
  • Annual re-sign or during annual inspection
  • In a group class on housekeeping for those who failed inspection
  • During an IPM- or healthy-housing event

How (for group classes)

At least two weeks before

  • Reserve a location with adequate seating, lighting, and acoustics for showing the video
  • Assign a housing staff person to lead the residents’ briefing
  • Advertise the briefing and obtain as accurate an attendance list as possible
  • Customize and print informational handouts
  • Obtain equipment: DVD player and television OR computer and projector
  • Order incentives/food, if any

At least one day before

  • Be able to point to sections of the lease and housekeeping standards that pertain to pest control and explain how each relates to keeping the property pest-free (view an example lease with highlighted IPM sections)
  • Be familiar with the pest control procedures in place at the site
  • Know how a resident is to report pest sightings and maintenance requests and be able to point the residents to this information on the Pest Control Brochure
  • Be able to operate the equipment for “The Tenant’s Role in IPM”

On the day of


  • 1 copy of the DVD “The Tenant’s Role in IPM”
  • 1 DVD player and television OR computer and projector
  • 1 copy of the lease
  • 1 copy of the Housekeeping Standards
  • Enough copies of informational handouts
  • Enough incentives or giveaways (if applicable)

Set Up:

  • Cover any windows that may cause glare on the screen
  • Close doors and windows that may let in distracting noise
  • Place the screen so all will be able to see
  • Tape down any cords that may be trip hazards
  • Position chairs in front of the screen
  • Test the volume so that the voices can be heard throughout the seating area
  • Set up a table where attendees can sign in and get information
  • Put the giveaways under the table

Agenda (30 minutes):

  1. Introduce yourself and give a brief overview of the IPM program.
  2. Motivate residents by informing them that cockroaches and mice can trigger asthma attacks and that housing has set a goal to have no cockroaches, mice, rats, or bed bugs at their properties.
  3. Emphasize that pest control is a team effort and list the players (management, staff, contractor, residents, and any other cooperating agencies).
  4. Explain that doing their part in pest control is part of the residents’ responsibility, as detailed in the lease and housekeeping standards.
  5. Point residents to the brochure, specifically the number they should call to report pest sightings and maintenance requests.
  6. Introduce the video and tell residents that they will each receive something after viewing the video (if this is true).
  7. Turn on the player.
  8. Play the version of “The Tenant’s Role in IPM” that is most suitable for the audience (English, Spanish, English with English subtitles, English with Spanish subtitles, Spanish with English subtitles, or Spanish with Spanish subtitles).
  9. Turn off the equipment.
  10. Hand out giveaways and answer any questions.


  1. Make notes on any issues or requests that the residents brought up.
  2. Clean up the training space and return the equipment.
  3. Direct the residents’ issues or requests to the appropriate person(s).
  4. Note that the resident has seen the video in his/her records.

An Alternate Video Presentation on the Resident's Role in Managing Pests (14 min):

Here's the link to the video above: IPM for Residents

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