Getting Help

Everyone can come together on the issue of pest-free housing. IPM involves all aspects of property management: design, renovation, pest control, and people. Whether their interests are air quality, healthy housing, children’s health, asthma mitigation, tenants' rights, or financial incentives for providing “green” housing—people can collaborate on IPM.

  1. Make a list of your local agencies that have a capacity to support healthy housing work. Examples include the health department, faith-based organizations, and tenants' rights groups. Approach each agency, state what you’re trying to accomplish, and see what they have to offer for support. Don’t let past history on controversial issues stop you from asking. Use this template to introduce the IPM program.
  2. Find funding. If you want to try something new and don’t have funding, consider writing a grant proposal with your partners. View our list of potential funding opportunities. Consider programs that employ residents.
  3. Go national. Share your success (or listen to others share theirs) at national meetings of associations that may have an interest in IPM. Example associations include: