IPM in Multifamily Housing Course

Free pest management training opportunity for HUD Region 3



Session 1: Introduction to IPM and Pesticide Use - May 11, 2022 - Watch the recording here.

Session 2: Cockroaches - May 18, 2022 - Watch the recording here.

Session 3: Rodents - May 25, 2022 - Watch the recording here.

Session 4: Bed Bugs - June 1, 2022 - Watch the recording here.



Course description:  The IPM in Multifamily Housing Course was designed to help housing professionals working in public housing understand their roles in supporting safe and effective pest control in their communities. The course covers:

  • how to effectively manage pests within a housing community using strategies that pose the least risk of pesticide exposure;

  • the major health risks posed by common pests;

  • the biology and behavior of the major pests of housing (bed bugs, cockroaches and rodents);

  • and how to troubleshoot pest control failures.

These webinars are interactive, including polls, chats and Q&A. Although we have scheduled 2 hours for each session, they will likely be 90 minutes or shorter depending on attendance and participation levels.

If 5 or more staff members from the same HUD-assisted housing site/development (public housing authority/commission, section 8, 202, 811, or tribal housing department) complete the course we'll send you a box of printed resident resources, traps, monitors, and pest control supplies. If you have less than 5 staff members total, let us know!

Support for this training is provided by HUD's Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes.

Questions? email stoppests@cornell.edu

Handouts for the course

IPM Log Example focus unit tracking sheet

Safety Data Sheet (sample)

NPIC graphic – Reading Pesticide labels

HUD IPM Notice PIH 2011-22

HUD Bed Bug Notice PIH 2012-17

Roles & Responsibilities- IPM team job descriptions

Helpful resident engagement materials:

Bed Bug Poster (English or Español)

Tenant Bed Bug Policy

Tri-fold flyer – Tenant’s role in IPM

Resident’s guide: Stop Cockroaches!   Spanish: Detenga las Cucarachas!

Resident’s guide: Stop Mice! Spanish: Detenga los Ratones!

Resident’s guide: Stop Bed Bugs! Spanish: Detenga las Chinches!

NYS IPM Program’s Bed Bug Management - One Step at a Time illustrated guide,

--- Spanish - Manejo de las Chinches - Un Paso a la Vez


PDFs of the slides:

Session 1. Introduction to IPM and Pesticide Use

Session 2. Cockroaches

Session 3. Rodents

Session 4. Bed Bugs