Good Bed Bug Control Starts With Good Contracts

This webinar is for property managers/landlords, procurement and other housing staff to gain an understanding of the importance of good pest control contracts in effective bed bug management. Speakers, Dr. Dini Miller from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and Dr. Stephen Kells from University of Minnesota will share their extensive knowledge of contract language and the oversight needed to ensure an integrated pest management (IPM) approach is taken with proactive inspections, record keeping, monitoring, and appropriate treatment protocols.

Copy of Dr. Stephen Kells' presentation 4 Steps to Bed Bug Free Premises

Copy of Dr. Dini Miller's presentation Your HUD Pest Control Contract: Are you getting anything for your money?

View recording below or on YouTube: Good Bed Bug Control Starts With Good Contracts

View example RFP from Dr. Miller

View example RFP from StopPests

What Procurement Needs to Know About Contracting for Pest Control