Lowering Costs with an In-House Bed Bug Management Plan


Multifamily housing communities are on the front lines of the bed bug battle. Housing managers and staff have come a long way in managing this pest. Bed bug management can be expensive, frustrating, and time consuming. This webinar will help members of the affordable housing industry make decisions about how and where to spend time and money in order to be effective in prevention and management of bed bugs.

This webinar is not an introduction to bed bugs. Presenters assume a basic knowledge of bed bug biology, behavior and control. For an introduction to bed bugs, view the IPM in Multifamily Housing presentation on bed bugs.

Title: Lowering Costs with an In-House Bed Bug Management Plan
Host: Susannah Reese, StopPests in Housing Program, Northeastern IPM Center
Speakers: Dr. Dini Miller from the Dodson Urban Pest Management Lab at Virginia Tech and Molly Stedfast from the Virginia Tech Bed Bug and Urban Pest Information Center (VTBBIC)
Audience: Anyone involved in the decision making process around bed bug control in multifamily housing will benefit from viewing this presentation.


Presentation Recording

Note: This recording has been edited. Webinar-specific parts have been cut out and clarifying slides have been added to answer common questions.

Recording date: 9/10/2014

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